What’s a Rental Night?

Oldie, but a goodie! Rental Nights are great, if you are prepared! =)


I’m baaack!! Yes, it’s been awhile, but we’ve been busy! This is the busiest time of year for The Master Musician. School is back in session and everybody needs instruments for their kids!

Recently, I was able to attend a Rental Night at a local school. What is that you ask? I’ll ‘splain…for some reason I just pictured Ricky Ricardo, but anyways…Band Directors invite music stores to come to their school to rent instruments to their students. This is great for parents because there really aren’t music stores on every corner. Sometimes you have to drive pretty far to find a wonderful, cute hometown music store like The Master Musician. So, we come to you!

Parents, be prepared before you go to a rental night. There are generally 2 kinds of rental nights: The first can be crazy busy with lots of people waiting in line, the second is where you…

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