Music is for everyone!

Here we are, at the end of August, knee deep in musical repair, crazy days at the store renting instruments, selling accessories and books for the school year, and for many it’s the beginning of a musical journey. I’m a little different and decided to start my official journey in June. Ha! That wasn’t the greatest idea. Commitments definitely stick better during the school year. Summer is more for relaxing and enjoying the extra free time to do nothing. Of course, that gets really old fast. It’s great to be getting back into a routine.

But…I am here to confess that I did a few pages in my flute book and then it.just.sat.there. And although, that sounds completely terrible, I had a HUGE epiphany! This is news I knew I had to share with you. When I decided to stop waiting for that special day in the future to start actually playing music and jumped in with both feet, something happened to me. I started to understand this whole music thing.

I got personal with it. This was my flute and my flute book. I became an instant musician even if I was a bad one. That is very empowering! The music book started to make sense. My non-musical brain was finally starting to wake up! Yes, I sound very cheesy right now. But it’s so true! So much so that I finally took control of my children’s music instruction. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean I am teaching them how to play the trumpet or piano. But I am setting aside time for them to practice. I can kinda sorta read their music books and understand what it is telling them to do. Here is a picture of our music station at home.

music station

Before I picked up the flute, music was my husband’s thing and I was just trying to fit in with the musical world. Now, the music language is understandable. It’s my new interest. Something I am growing to enjoy everyday. And I am setting aside time to practice.

Ok, wait… I have a funny story to tell. I can assure you that I know I have not “arrived” musically. I was at The Master Musician last night helping my mom with a few things. She had me put an alto sax in a case. I’m laughing as I type this….I put it in and it didn’t fit. Must be the wrong size case. But then my mom said I had to take the head joint off. Oh…haha! Not too long after that I was trying to get a mouthpiece from my dad for the same alto sax. He was trying to get me to clean a clarinet mouthpiece for it. I told him I need an alto sax mouthpiece. Turns out the alto sax uses a mouthpiece that is similar to a clarinet. Oops….

I have a loooong way to go, but I have made the first steps towards a successful music journey. What’s keeping you from your musical dream? What’s your favorite instrument? Start playing! We can look silly together. =)




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