Get to know Kelly!


I’m so glad you’re here! We have a lot to talk about. But first, let me introduce myself.

I am married to an amazing piano player named Marc. He is the main Brass Repair Tech here at The Master Musician. We have 7 sweet kids who are musicians in training. Some are learning to play the trumpet like their Papa Phil and a few are learning the piano like their Daddy. Kids are great at music because they learn so easily. It’s definitely an investment that we love to make for them.

As for me, I played the flute a few times as a kid until I no longer received flute lessons. That was the extent of my musical abilities. Sad, I know. The great news is that I have picked up a flute again. Follow My Journey here! I am on a mission to understand the history of music, learn all the music terms, including learning how to read sheet music, and play the flute. I want to appreciate it. It’s like a foreign language to me that I am determined to speak.  Make sure you subscribe to this blog so you’ll get all the latest posts! Tell me about you. What instrument do you play, if any?



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