Virtual Construction Site!


We have been thinking for awhile about how to better serve our customers. Our brainstorming produced some fabulous ideas! We will be revamping the blog. It’s going to be a great resource for music enthusiasts when it’s all done. But…it’s going to take a few months to reconfigure. We may even need to shut it down for awhile. We thought we’d give you a heads up before disappearing. We will be back with something better!

Things will be changing, but just for The Master Musician Blog. You can still visit our store website at to see what we are up to. If you are in the area, definitely stop by the store and say hello! Scroll down to the bottom of this page to get directions.

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I’m excited to see what the future holds! I had better get to work.



A few of my favorite quotes…

I love thought provoking quotes that make me read them over and over again until I have my “aha” moment and I smile! Let me share my favorite music quotes with you.

quote 1This one means a lot. Sometimes life is hard. We have to deal with things that aren’t fun. One light example would be going to the dentist. I have taught my kids to sing a song in their heads when they are getting their teeth worked on. It is such a stress reliever!

quote 2I don’t know about you, but I can be my own worst enemy because of my thoughts! What a relief it is when I put on my favorite Pandora station and allow the lyrics to take over.

quote 3Yes, because music expresses what we fail to say. That’s probably why we dedicate songs to people. We want them to hear something that we haven’t been able to make them understand.

quote 4“Shhhhhhh…..I love this song.”

quote 5We all dance to our own music. How fun it is when we can dance together. ~Kelly

Talent vs. Practice: This is a must read for everyone!

I came across this article recently and LOVED it so much that I knew I had to share it with you!  It has HUGE insight. Parents, teachers, band directors, students…everyone should read it. Here’s an excerpt that I hope will make you curious:

Carol Dweck, a psychologist at Stanford, is famous for coining what she calls the “growth mindset.” Those with a growth mindset are willing to learn, make mistakes and stretch themselves over and over again.

On the opposite end are those with a “fixed mindset.” These are the ones who say, “I’m not good at math.” They pigeon-hole themselves into a series of cans and cannots. By so doing, they limit, or “fix” their own capabilities.

~Tiffany Gee Lewis

You can read the full article here!

My thoughts: As many of you know, I am musically challenged. (If this is your first time on the blog get to know me here.) I was one of those born without the music gene. I wasn’t interested in playing music or reading music and having an “ear for music” was definitely not me. However, this article confirms to me that there is hope. The hope is in the fact that if I take lessons, learn to read music, and practice, practice, practice, that I can play the flute. Hard work will pay off. Check out my first flute lesson here.

I will admit… I have not been practicing my flute. Shame on me, I know. Of course, I was busy having my seventh sweet child and homeschooling (bet you didn’t know that) and being a housewife, but that doesn’t make up for the past 8 months of no practice. If you (or me) do not practice and take the time to invest in music education than we will not grow musically.

BUT if we do make time for music in our life or our children’s lives, than the possibilities are endless! We need the mindset that playing music can be fun and the process of learning has a pay off. No more “I can’t” or “I don’t have the time” or “I don’t have the music gene”. Be encouraged! Your kids can be musicians. They might need to learn discipline to practice and the money that you are paying for lessons might mean you have to sacrifice in other areas, but it is all worth it. Hey mom, dad, grandma, grandpa…I’m talking to you too! Make time for your interest in music. Rent an instrument, take lessons, maybe even just go to a music event. You are talented when you want to learn and never give up!

If you still haven’t read the article, click here! Tell me what you think about this. Can someone with seemingly no musical talent play an instrument?


Music is for everyone!

Here we are, at the end of August, knee deep in musical repair, crazy days at the store renting instruments, selling accessories and books for the school year, and for many it’s the beginning of a musical journey. I’m a little different and decided to start my official journey in June. Ha! That wasn’t the greatest idea. Commitments definitely stick better during the school year. Summer is more for relaxing and enjoying the extra free time to do nothing. Of course, that gets really old fast. It’s great to be getting back into a routine.

But…I am here to confess that I did a few pages in my flute book and then it.just.sat.there. And although, that sounds completely terrible, I had a HUGE epiphany! This is news I knew I had to share with you. When I decided to stop waiting for that special day in the future to start actually playing music and jumped in with both feet, something happened to me. I started to understand this whole music thing.

I got personal with it. This was my flute and my flute book. I became an instant musician even if I was a bad one. That is very empowering! The music book started to make sense. My non-musical brain was finally starting to wake up! Yes, I sound very cheesy right now. But it’s so true! So much so that I finally took control of my children’s music instruction. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean I am teaching them how to play the trumpet or piano. But I am setting aside time for them to practice. I can kinda sorta read their music books and understand what it is telling them to do. Here is a picture of our music station at home.

music station

Before I picked up the flute, music was my husband’s thing and I was just trying to fit in with the musical world. Now, the music language is understandable. It’s my new interest. Something I am growing to enjoy everyday. And I am setting aside time to practice.

Ok, wait… I have a funny story to tell. I can assure you that I know I have not “arrived” musically. I was at The Master Musician last night helping my mom with a few things. She had me put an alto sax in a case. I’m laughing as I type this….I put it in and it didn’t fit. Must be the wrong size case. But then my mom said I had to take the head joint off. Oh…haha! Not too long after that I was trying to get a mouthpiece from my dad for the same alto sax. He was trying to get me to clean a clarinet mouthpiece for it. I told him I need an alto sax mouthpiece. Turns out the alto sax uses a mouthpiece that is similar to a clarinet. Oops….

I have a loooong way to go, but I have made the first steps towards a successful music journey. What’s keeping you from your musical dream? What’s your favorite instrument? Start playing! We can look silly together. =)



I’m taking the plunge…


I’m doing the unthinkable; I’m going to attempt to play the flute again. I don’t know what came over me, but I was like “it’s time” because I am always looking for more things to do during the day….um no…that’s not it. I think I might be just plain crazy, but nevertheless (is that a word??), I am going to attempt this challenge. And let me tell you, if I am able to do this, regardless if I fail or just sound like a dying cat, you can do this! Don’t worry, I will walk you through the process. I took some pictures. Definitely not a fan of having my picture taken, but when in doubt, make everything black and white.

Here is my lovely used flute that I am renting from The Master Musician. If I get really good (Ha Ha!) I will invest in a flute of my own. I also have a Rubank Elementary Method Flute book…the easier the better, right? And a flute care kit that includes a whole bunch of fun stuff like grease, thumb pads, cleaning cloth for the inside of the flute, and a cloth to keep the outside nice and shiny. It also has an instruction guide of how to take care of my instrument. Like, don’t eat food and chew gum while playing…ewwww. I’ve heard horror stories of the gross and strange things that are found inside instruments.


The lovely Rebecca Schumacher, who is the Band Booster president for Murrieta Mesa High School and who also works here at The Master Musician, was kind enough to give me my first flute lesson! Look at how happy we are! Rebecca can make anyone laugh! Such a joy to be around!


And now, my face says it all…”that’s a flute and I have to do what again?”  She showed me how to put the flute together properly and where my hands should be positioned.










I had a hard time making a sound so she had me do this. I need to get my embouchure (which is a fancy word for mouth) in playing condition. After I put the flute back together, I made a G, F, and A sound. Not too shabby for this Mama!


What a great start to my flute playing journey! A few notes came out and I am ready to make music! The best part was at the end of my lesson when my husband Marc, you know the one who plays the piano by ear and is just brilliant in my eyes, told me that I was cute playing the flute. Hey that rhymes!


Ok, so now you know how musically illiterate I am, but we all have to start somewhere! Tell me about you. What instrument do you play, if any?