Talent vs. Practice: This is a must read for everyone!

I came across this article recently and LOVED it so much that I knew I had to share it with you!  It has HUGE insight. Parents, teachers, band directors, students…everyone should read it. Here’s an excerpt that I hope will make you curious:

Carol Dweck, a psychologist at Stanford, is famous for coining what she calls the “growth mindset.” Those with a growth mindset are willing to learn, make mistakes and stretch themselves over and over again.

On the opposite end are those with a “fixed mindset.” These are the ones who say, “I’m not good at math.” They pigeon-hole themselves into a series of cans and cannots. By so doing, they limit, or “fix” their own capabilities.

~Tiffany Gee Lewis

You can read the full article here!

My thoughts: As many of you know, I am musically challenged. (If this is your first time on the blog get to know me here.) I was one of those born without the music gene. I wasn’t interested in playing music or reading music and having an “ear for music” was definitely not me. However, this article confirms to me that there is hope. The hope is in the fact that if I take lessons, learn to read music, and practice, practice, practice, that I can play the flute. Hard work will pay off. Check out my first flute lesson here.

I will admit… I have not been practicing my flute. Shame on me, I know. Of course, I was busy having my seventh sweet child and homeschooling (bet you didn’t know that) and being a housewife, but that doesn’t make up for the past 8 months of no practice. If you (or me) do not practice and take the time to invest in music education than we will not grow musically.

BUT if we do make time for music in our life or our children’s lives, than the possibilities are endless! We need the mindset that playing music can be fun and the process of learning has a pay off. No more “I can’t” or “I don’t have the time” or “I don’t have the music gene”. Be encouraged! Your kids can be musicians. They might need to learn discipline to practice and the money that you are paying for lessons might mean you have to sacrifice in other areas, but it is all worth it. Hey mom, dad, grandma, grandpa…I’m talking to you too! Make time for your interest in music. Rent an instrument, take lessons, maybe even just go to a music event. You are talented when you want to learn and never give up!

If you still haven’t read the article, click here! Tell me what you think about this. Can someone with seemingly no musical talent play an instrument?



KAZOO Class at The Master Musician!

If a MINION can do it, so can YOU!!!

minionsThe Master Musician proudly presents
Come learn to play the Kazoo on April 4th!
All you do is HUM!!!

• Saturday, April 4th, 2015
• $5 includes: Kazoo, Lesson, and Refreshments
• All ages welcome!
• 11am to 12pm
• At The Master Musician- 39520 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd.Suite 223 Murrieta, CA 92563
• RSVP by April 1st @951-677-7575

NAMM as Rebecca sees it.

20150122_102331Hey, have you guys met Rebecca and her awesome family? If you remember from last summer, Rebecca gave me my first flute lesson at The Master Musician. She is such an important part of the store. We wanted to feature her in this year’s blog post about NAMM. She attended with her husband, Rob and their teens James and Julie. Here’s Rebecca and her experience at NAMM.    ~Kelly

“Wow! What an experience! Attending for my second year, I knew what to expect and wasn’t as overwhelmed — in a good way! NAMM is truly a Disneyland for musicians. As a performer, teacher, and Master Musician rep, I had a variety of things to focus on. Julie & I enjoyed playing lots of bari and alto saxes, while Rob & James were experimenting with bass trombones and interesting brass inventions.


It’s a bugle — no, it’s a baritone without valves!


Cannonball Dark Lacquer Baritone Sax

James Kanstul Contrabass

Kanstul Contrabass Trombone






S.E. Shire Bass

S.E. Shire Bass











Aerodrums Visual

Aerodrums Visual












“Possibly the most fun new product we found was the Aerodrums. With three drummers in the house, this is an amazing invention! It consists of mallets, 2 small metal plates to put on your feet, a camera and some software — that’s it! It’s literally airdrumming, but actual sound comes through the headphones as a real drumset. Gotta love technology!

This is truly the tip of the iceberg at NAMM. Every night, starting on Wednesday, is great live music throughout the Hilton, Sheraton and the courtyard of the Anaheim Convention Center. Whether you prefer jazz, latin, heavy metal, classic rock or funk, you’ll find it somewhere! There are even drum, ukulele and pbone circles that you can participate in! And don’t even get me started on the people watching!

Fun at Hohner!

Just for fun!

I feel very blessed to have a musical family I could share this with. Thank you to The Master Musician for making this possible!”

— The Schumacher Family

Celebrating 16 Years in Business!


Thank you for supporting us! We are working hard to make every year in business better than the last! We have so many goals to work towards in 2015! As a family owned and operated business, we strive to bless our family by becoming debt free and providing opportunities for our kids. As an employer, we hope to continue to create jobs for the community and a fun work environment. All this happens when we remember our customers, band directors, and students! We want to be your source for all your band instrument needs. Thank you again for your support!


Karen and Phil Pike, Owners

Thank you!

THANK YOU for all the support you gave our business over the holidays! We feel very loved by the community. Our customers are the best! We are looking forward to a wonderful 2015! NAMM is coming up this month. That’s our Disneyland! =) We’ll post pics of all the neat exhibits and latest and greatest music gadgets!


Have a Happy Thanksgiving no matter wher

Have a Happy Thanksgiving no matter where you might be celebrating today!


Heart wrenching 7 minute documentary abo

Heart wrenching 7 minute documentary about PTSD. Watch this and be thankful for the freedom you have to celebrate the holidays with your friends and family. We are so blessed in the United States to have those willing to fight for our freedom. Pray for those on the battle lines today and tomorrow and throughout this holiday season. And for those at home, but who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


Super End-of-the-Year Savings this Saturday!

smallThe SAVINGS are coming to The Master Musician this Saturday from 10am to 5pm!

39520 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd. Murrieta, Ca 92563      951-677-7575

Click Here to see a small glimpse into the fun we will have for Small Business Saturday!

We support Small Business Saturday because it’s one day a year set aside for everyone to go shop at your local small businesses! It’s just a way to let “the little guys” know that they are important to the community!

You can check out the Facebook page for Small Business Saturday here.

We hope to see you soon,

Your Friends at The Master Musician

Drum Roll Please…..

p308297242-3We are so excited to announce a new addition to our Music Lesson Instructors! JOHN MARIO is a name you won’t soon forget! Inland Valley Symphony has just announced that John Mario will be stepping up to the podium as it’s NEW MUSIC DIRECTOR and CONDUCTOR for the 2014-2015 season! We are so excited for him! He has also teamed up with The Master Musician to give Piano Lessons! We feel so honored! Here are many reviews of his amazing performances!

“I think it’s fair to say that many Jackie concert-goers would just rather not hear the orchestral numbers at all. However, the Marin Symphony, conducted by John Mario di Costanzo, was a powerhouse. I didn’t hear a single weak instrument or awkward passage. The concert began with Mascagni’s much-loved Intermezzo to Cavalleria Rusticana; an especially strong interpretation of this piece of music.” —Magique fan review

“The Marin Orchestra then presented an astounding interpretation of The Pirates of the Caribbean. The dynamics were flawless, the sheer presence of the orchestra irresistible. It isn’t even a particular favorite music to me, but I was still transfixed by the magic John Mario was directing.” —Magique fan review

“John Mario began Queen’s famous Bohemian Rhapsody with a startling command of his piano. There were no dropped notes, no missed phrases, no odd tempos. The dynamics were just phenomenal all through the concert, but with this piece, John Mario as pianist shined bright, that light helping to illume the entire orchestra in a kind of controlled frenzy. Again, I feel that people who came to see only Jackie found it hard to ignore such a high level of pianism, orchestral power and majesty. Afterwards, entering the stage again, Jackie with big eyes exclaimed, “That was awesome!” —Magique fan review

421977_608684002476187_122396365_nREVIEWS FROM TRI-CITIES OPERA TENURE:
“Tri-Cities Opera concludes its season this weekend with a lush and haunting interpretation of Jacques Offenbach’s The Tales of Hoffmann. … another excellent production with a fine cast and a stunning orchestra led by John Mario Di Costanzo.” — Tony Vilecco, Broome Arts Mirror

“Under John Mario Di Costanzo, the already-fine TCO orchestra never has sounded better. The playing was much tighter, cleaner and brighter than in some of the past productions I have seen. Di Costanzo’s attention to detail in every aspect of the score brought a crisper realization of Mozart’s brilliant writing for instruments and his understanding of the human voice. After a marvelous reading of the opera’s overture (the theme of which is repeated near the end of the opera), Di Costanzo, TCO’s new music and associate artistic director, was consistent throughout in guiding the musicians to realize a nearly perfect ensemble.” — Tony Vilecco, Broome Arts Mirror

“Attending Tri-Cities Opera’s final dress rehearsal Wednesday (Feb. 9) for Giuseppe Verdi’s perennial favorite, La Traviata, I did not believe this production could surpass the excellence of last fall’s Cosi Fan Tutte. I was wrong. What maestro John Mario Di Costanzo has done is to, literally, transform the opera’s orchestra to such a high level of playing that it’s hard to imagine these already fine musicians could sound even better. — Tony Vilecco, Broome Arts Mirror

“Di Costanzo has an innate ability to draw out the finer nuances of Verdi’s rich score, from the haunting prelude (played beautifully by the strings and brass) to his attention to detail with every soloist and choral moment. He “breathes” with his singers, giving them room for ample interpretive moments and deep artistic liberty with Verdi’s riveting music.” — Tony Vilecco, Broome Arts Mirror


“Tri-Cities Opera’s production of Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) and was not disappointed. All of the principals were strong with a few standouts. No surprise here that the orchestra also was excellent under the firm hand of Maestro John Mario Di Costanzo. The overture, a signature piece, was worth the price of admission.” — Tony Vilecco, Broome Arts Mirror

“As usual, maestro John Mario Di Costanzo has drilled his musicians well, and the orchestra played Puccini’s score with aplomb. His attention to detail was quite amazing especially when he asked the musicians’ to isolate each note in one section and really stress their importance. Because Puccini’s score relies on long lines, painfully haunting musical themes and often strong and isolated chords, it is imperative to play as an ensemble, and Di Costanzo is master of this.” — Tony Vilecco, Broome Arts Mirror

“Playing a grueling, non-stop score, the orchestra under Maestro John Mario Di Costanzo is to be highly commended for its rock-solid foundation for the opera.” — Lee Shepard, Broome Arts Mirror

“Even before the curtain rose, the intense opening notes in the orchestra at the Sarasota Opera’s Lucia di Lammermoor crackled with energy. Conductor John Di Costanzo quickly established that his approach to this music was going to be forceful; tempos were rapid, climaxes loud. His excellent ensemble responded with brilliant clarity and detail.” — The St. Petersburg Times

“John Di Costanzo’s musical direction was every bit as suave as his matinée idol looks.” — Opera Now

“With a colorful production in Sarasota’s traditional style, young conductor John Mario di Costanzo led the orchestra with a fizzing vitality and an impressive sense of Donizetti’s comedy style.” — South Florida Review

You can check out JOHN MARIO’S BIO here! We can’t wait to get to know the musicians that are going to take advantage of John Mario’s expertise! To set up a lesson with John Mario, please call The Master Musician @951-677-7575.