Do you play piano, guitar, percussion, or drums?

“Meet A Teacher” from The Master Musician!

C.MitchellC. Mitchell


C. Mitchell holds both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Music/Education.  He is a credentialed teacher authorized by the California Department of Education.  Mitchell has over a decade of teaching experience as full time faculty with Inland Valley Public Schools.

As an educator, Mitchell has taught hundreds of students, ranging from very young children through adults.  He specializes in tailoring each lesson to the individual needs and interests of his students.   He likes to teach the fundamentals of music and theory, but in a fun way.   Students are encouraged to bring their favorite songs or bands on cds or Ipods and enjoy learning how to play them.  

As a performer, Mitchell has played virtually all styles of music and is a current performer.   He has been involved in recording and live shows of music ranging from World Beat to Classic Rock, Classical to Grunge, and Jazz to Hip Hop or Metal.   So, whether you want to learn to play around the house, or in a school setting, or in a band with friends, Mitchell can get you where you want to be to achieve your goals.  

Call the store to schedule a lesson @951-677-7575!

You can check out all our Lesson Instructors on our website.


Instrument Petting Zoo was a success!

We have gotten off to a fabulous start to our Rental Season! This past Sunday we entertained you with an “Instrument Petting Zoo!” There were so many parents and students that showed up to enjoy a hands on instrument experience! Take a look!

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Thank you to everyone that continues to support The Master Musician! We have many more rental nights coming to a school near you. Music is thriving in this community. We are so excited to be apart of it!


P.S. We posted a whole bunch more pics of this event on our Facebook page. Check them out and don’t forget to LIKE us! =)

Yep, I forgot…

I have to admit something….I completely forgot to mention one of the most important reasons why you should rent an instrument from The Master Musician. This is HUGE so please read on.

band director pic

We love Band Directors! They are constantly investing in your children during the whole school year. They teach music. Direct band performances. They have to know pretty much every musical instrument out there. They have to understand kids. It’s like the one room school house approach. You have many students with different musical abilities. Somehow they listen to hours and hours of music practice (which we all know is exactly that…practice) and they have to get everyone to play the same songs in the right key at the right time. It’s amazingly magical!

Unless of course, those school instruments are really dirty or have dents or need new strings. Somebody has to fix those instruments to keep them playing beautifully. There is a cost involved, of course. Band Directors have to work with a BUDGET. Yikes! That’s the word that strikes fear into a teacher’s heart. So many needs and very little money to help.

That is why your band director needs you to rent your instrument from The Master Musician. Every instrument rented from us accumulates money for the band program that the student is in! These are called Rental Repair Credits. A percentage is given back to your school band program! It’s basically FREE Repair money to use in our repair department by the band directors for their school instruments!

instrument repair

It doesn’t cost you anything extra. It’s our way of GIVING BACK to the community! Remember us when renting your instrument this fall. Got questions about the Rental Repair Credits? Call us at the store @951-677-7575.


It’s coming…are you ready?

back-to-school-clipart-summerIt’s the middle of July already! Can you believe it? School is approaching. Some of you are excited to send the kids back because you miss your routine and free time. Others are sad to see summer and all its glorious beach/pool/barbecue/relaxation days fade away with the heat. No matter which category you fall into, it’s time to start preparing.

Music is a valuable part of any school program. Your kids may be in public, private, charter, homeschool, private tutor, etc….and they still need music. Numerous studies have proven that music helps your kids learn. It’s time to think about band, instruments, and music lessons. Let me help you with the instrument rental. Here at The Master Musician, we have an awesome Rental Program. We have a variety of instruments to rent and many different ways to rent them.

Did you Know???

Your Instrument Rental price at The Master Musician is all-inclusive! That means that our monthly rental price includes 3 things: rental fee, tax, and our maintenance plan.

No hidden fees. No surprises.

We give you the “walk out the door price.” When comparing rental prices make sure you ask about ALL the fees before signing a contract.

Why rent from us?

1.) You have access to our in-house maintenance. That means we look at your instrument and fix it. Put your mind at ease when you rent from The Master Musician! We will help you keep your instrument playing beautifully!

2.) Quick turnaround on instrument repair. We do 95% of our repairs. That means that you give it to us. We repair it and give it back. That quick and simple.

3.) You get to talk to us in person and we’re local. No need to drive far away or trust your instrument to a person you’ve never seen before. We are here to help you!

Why is a 9 Month Contract important?

1) The student needs time to learn the instrument. We get it. Kids don’t always love band and they want to quit. We understand, but we also know that it takes time to learn a new instrument. Commit to the school year and then decide. It builds character and stamina.

2) Want a different instrument? No problem! If your student wants to change their instrument during the school year, we can make the switch.

3) By committing to a 9 month contract, you are helping the Band Program! Help keep music in our schools! Tell the Band Director that you are there to stay for the school year. Everyone wins!

Please let us know if you have questions, 951-677-7575. We also have a special for you when you rent in July. Check it out here. ~Kelly


Got my instrument, Check! Now what?

I hope you picked an instrument that fit the needs of your family! Glad that part is over, but now comes the whole learning how to play thing…

If your kiddo is in band, that is awesome! It’s a great place to get them playing as a group! However, we need to make sure the money we are paying for the instrument and the time invested is worth it. We love little Snooki Pie, but are we getting the bang for our buck? Giving a person an instrument and telling them to go play something, is like putting a swimsuit on your child and telling them to go swim. Drowning is a bad thing. I hope you agree. It is important for us to nurture the musical possibility in ever person, no matter what their age…ummm…that kinda makes me think I’m suppose to go start playing something…Ok, I’ll get there eventually.

Back to nurturing…there are a few basic things that every child should know: how to clean their instrument, hold it correctly, how to prevent denting, dropping, and/or completely destroying it (even though our handy repair techs got your back), and how to play a sound. All of this can be personally shown to you in The Master Musician. Even if you got your instrument from somewhere else {screeches in horror and disbelief}…just kidding…our friendly staff would be glad to go over these basics with you. I could try, but, every instrument is different and since I am new at this too, the best thing is for me to send you to the professionals.

I think we are moving in the right direction so far. Your kids are in band and now they understand the workings of their instruments. If you’re ready to spend more money on Johnny and Susie Q, please say aye and make a squinty face like you’re a pirate! LOL! ok, sorry…I’ve probably lost some of you right about now. Hang in there! When you had kids you knew all your money would disappear anyway. There is new meaning to the quote “money makes itself wings and flys away”. Ok, joking aside, your kids need LESSONS! You know why I never learned to play the flute? I had about 2 lessons. I am now successfully a wanna be flute player. So sad, I know. Band is great for kids, but when you think about how there is only one band director and all those students, it might be difficult for your child to get the individualized attention that he or she needs to start improving.

Here’s the nitty gritty. Lessons are usually once a week and can range from $25 to $30 per half hour. At The Master Musician, we have 3 lesson rooms and a waiting area for the parents with free wifi. There are 4 instructors: David Jerome (guitar, bass guitar, ukulele), David Bradley (clarinet, saxophone, oboe), Kara Wuchner (flute, piccolo), and Yaphet Jones (trumpet). They are all extremely professional and most play in bands and symphonies. Get to know them! You can check out their bio’s on our website. under Lessons. If your instrument is not listed please give the store a call because we can find someone that teaches lessons for your instrument.   951-677-7575

Here is Wiki P’s thoughts on lessons…”Music lessons are a type of formal instruction in playing a musical instrument or singing. Typically, a student taking music lessons meets a music teacher for one-on-one training sessions ranging from 30 minutes to one hour in length over a period of weeks or years. For vocal lessons, teachers show students how to sit or stand and breathe, and how to position the head, chest, and mouth for good vocal tone. For instrument lessons, teachers show students how to sit or stand with the instrument, how to hold the instrument, and how to manipulate the fingers and other body parts to produce tones and sounds from the instrument. Music teachers also assign technical exercises, musical pieces, and other activities to help the students improve their musical skills. While most music lessons are one-on-one (private), some teachers also teach groups of two to four students (semi-private lessons), and, for very basic instruction, some instruments are taught in large group lessons, such as piano and acoustic guitar. Private lessons can also take place through live video chat using webcam and Videotelephony.[1][2] “

I hope you can see the value of investing in your child’s musical endeavor. Think of the proud moments you will have when you see your baby (fyi…a baby can be a child of any age…my children are well aware of the fact that they will always be my babies…forever!!) on the field marching, or in a symphony, or maybe even one of those loud bands that are oh so different from a band band. Your kids are worth it!

Next, I will be looking into the different styles of music…should be educational!

The Master Musician

New to the whole School Band Experience?

I can sympathize with parents who feel frightened by the words, “I want to play an instrument…” I have a 9 year old who plays the trumpet and without his Daddy and Papa I would be up the creek without a paddle, which means my darling child would be screaming from the shore for his mama to come back! So, what is band anyway?

I love to check in with my good friend Wikipedia. “A school band is a group of student musicians who rehearse and perform instrumental music together. A concert band is usually under the direction of one or more conductors (band directors). A school band consists of wind instruments and percussion instruments, although upper level bands may also have string basses or bass guitar.” Well, that sounds pretty straight forward. I’m guessing an instrument would be very important for my child at this point.

{Kelly’s sidenote: In case y’all haven’t figured this out yet, I work for The Master Musician. I will be giving them a shout out here and again because they basically will have everything we are looking for when it comes to music….and if for some reason they don’t, I’m in cahoots with the owners and their cute repair tech Marc, so we will find a solution to any questions that come up.}

Ok, so back to instruments….there are a few things you will want to consider before your child picks an instrument to play:

1. Ask your Band Director- sometimes the bands limit how many of each instrument can be played. This makes sense since a band of trumpets and 1 flute would sound kinda loud!

2. Check the size- make sure little Jimmy can hold that gigantic Tuba! Head over to the Master Musician and let your child get the feel of a few instruments before he or she settles on one that they are unable to even carry out the door.

3. Sound- while your “sampling” some instruments, make sure you pick a sound that agrees with everyone in the family. If you are particularly against the sound of a schreeching cat as your child learns to play the violin, go with something less “schreechy”, for lack of a better word.

4. It costs what??- Cost is definitely a factor these days. The first thing you need to know is whether or not your school provides an instrument for your student. If they do, there is usually a fee you must pay for the year to use it. If you were left high and dry…uhhh, I mean they were out of “free” instruments, the next thing to think about is “To rent, or not to rent?” That is the question…

Rent- pay a deposit and a monthly fee and return the instrument whenever you are done with it. (The rental fee is based upon the value of the instrument. For example, a $300 instrument could only be about $25 per month, where a $1000 instrument could be $50 per month….just simplified examples, don’t quote me.)

Rent to own- same as rent, except that you keep the instrument forever and it is completely yours (preferably within 2 1/2 to 3 years, unless paid off sooner) once the purchase price is paid for.

Buy it NOW!- Purchase the instrument in full from The Master Musician and get 20% off automatically!

Yikes! So much information….I need a break. Check back soon where we can figure out what to do with our youngens and their shiny new instruments. =) FYI…for more info on buying or renting instruments check out! See ya soon!

The Master Musician