Instrument Petting Zoo was a success!

We have gotten off to a fabulous start to our Rental Season! This past Sunday we entertained you with an “Instrument Petting Zoo!” There were so many parents and students that showed up to enjoy a hands on instrument experience! Take a look!

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Thank you to everyone that continues to support The Master Musician! We have many more rental nights coming to a school near you. Music is thriving in this community. We are so excited to be apart of it!


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It’s coming…are you ready?

back-to-school-clipart-summerIt’s the middle of July already! Can you believe it? School is approaching. Some of you are excited to send the kids back because you miss your routine and free time. Others are sad to see summer and all its glorious beach/pool/barbecue/relaxation days fade away with the heat. No matter which category you fall into, it’s time to start preparing.

Music is a valuable part of any school program. Your kids may be in public, private, charter, homeschool, private tutor, etc….and they still need music. Numerous studies have proven that music helps your kids learn. It’s time to think about band, instruments, and music lessons. Let me help you with the instrument rental. Here at The Master Musician, we have an awesome Rental Program. We have a variety of instruments to rent and many different ways to rent them.

Did you Know???

Your Instrument Rental price at The Master Musician is all-inclusive! That means that our monthly rental price includes 3 things: rental fee, tax, and our maintenance plan.

No hidden fees. No surprises.

We give you the “walk out the door price.” When comparing rental prices make sure you ask about ALL the fees before signing a contract.

Why rent from us?

1.) You have access to our in-house maintenance. That means we look at your instrument and fix it. Put your mind at ease when you rent from The Master Musician! We will help you keep your instrument playing beautifully!

2.) Quick turnaround on instrument repair. We do 95% of our repairs. That means that you give it to us. We repair it and give it back. That quick and simple.

3.) You get to talk to us in person and we’re local. No need to drive far away or trust your instrument to a person you’ve never seen before. We are here to help you!

Why is a 9 Month Contract important?

1) The student needs time to learn the instrument. We get it. Kids don’t always love band and they want to quit. We understand, but we also know that it takes time to learn a new instrument. Commit to the school year and then decide. It builds character and stamina.

2) Want a different instrument? No problem! If your student wants to change their instrument during the school year, we can make the switch.

3) By committing to a 9 month contract, you are helping the Band Program! Help keep music in our schools! Tell the Band Director that you are there to stay for the school year. Everyone wins!

Please let us know if you have questions, 951-677-7575. We also have a special for you when you rent in July. Check it out here. ~Kelly


A few of my favorite quotes…

I love thought provoking quotes that make me read them over and over again until I have my “aha” moment and I smile! Let me share my favorite music quotes with you.

quote 1This one means a lot. Sometimes life is hard. We have to deal with things that aren’t fun. One light example would be going to the dentist. I have taught my kids to sing a song in their heads when they are getting their teeth worked on. It is such a stress reliever!

quote 2I don’t know about you, but I can be my own worst enemy because of my thoughts! What a relief it is when I put on my favorite Pandora station and allow the lyrics to take over.

quote 3Yes, because music expresses what we fail to say. That’s probably why we dedicate songs to people. We want them to hear something that we haven’t been able to make them understand.

quote 4“Shhhhhhh…..I love this song.”

quote 5We all dance to our own music. How fun it is when we can dance together. ~Kelly

Music is for everyone!

Here we are, at the end of August, knee deep in musical repair, crazy days at the store renting instruments, selling accessories and books for the school year, and for many it’s the beginning of a musical journey. I’m a little different and decided to start my official journey in June. Ha! That wasn’t the greatest idea. Commitments definitely stick better during the school year. Summer is more for relaxing and enjoying the extra free time to do nothing. Of course, that gets really old fast. It’s great to be getting back into a routine.

But…I am here to confess that I did a few pages in my flute book and then it.just.sat.there. And although, that sounds completely terrible, I had a HUGE epiphany! This is news I knew I had to share with you. When I decided to stop waiting for that special day in the future to start actually playing music and jumped in with both feet, something happened to me. I started to understand this whole music thing.

I got personal with it. This was my flute and my flute book. I became an instant musician even if I was a bad one. That is very empowering! The music book started to make sense. My non-musical brain was finally starting to wake up! Yes, I sound very cheesy right now. But it’s so true! So much so that I finally took control of my children’s music instruction. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean I am teaching them how to play the trumpet or piano. But I am setting aside time for them to practice. I can kinda sorta read their music books and understand what it is telling them to do. Here is a picture of our music station at home.

music station

Before I picked up the flute, music was my husband’s thing and I was just trying to fit in with the musical world. Now, the music language is understandable. It’s my new interest. Something I am growing to enjoy everyday. And I am setting aside time to practice.

Ok, wait… I have a funny story to tell. I can assure you that I know I have not “arrived” musically. I was at The Master Musician last night helping my mom with a few things. She had me put an alto sax in a case. I’m laughing as I type this….I put it in and it didn’t fit. Must be the wrong size case. But then my mom said I had to take the head joint off. Oh…haha! Not too long after that I was trying to get a mouthpiece from my dad for the same alto sax. He was trying to get me to clean a clarinet mouthpiece for it. I told him I need an alto sax mouthpiece. Turns out the alto sax uses a mouthpiece that is similar to a clarinet. Oops….

I have a loooong way to go, but I have made the first steps towards a successful music journey. What’s keeping you from your musical dream? What’s your favorite instrument? Start playing! We can look silly together. =)



All that JAZZ…

Back in the day, I took a college class about the history of Jazz.  It was probably the only elective available to help me get the required credits I needed. Definitely thought I was going to be bored out of my mind and fail the class. I was soo wrong!! I was amazed to find out that Jazz music has actually helped create all the other different kinds of “music” in America today! It is such an important style so I thought I had better start there for my crazy endeavor to research the history of music. I’m going to be patriotic because normally I would have picked classical music since it sounds so much more romantic and lovey dovey, but that came from Europe…I think.

Mr. Wiki wants to give you some insight, and I will let him:

“While jazz may be difficult to define, improvisation is clearly one of its key elements. Early blues was commonly structured around a repetitive call-and-response pattern, a common element in the African American oral tradition. A form of folk music which rose in part from work songs and field hollers of rural Blacks, early blues was also highly improvisational. These features are fundamental to the nature of jazz. While in European classical music elements of interpretation, ornamentation and accompaniment are sometimes left to the performer’s discretion, the performer’s primary goal is to play a composition as it was written. In a 1975 film, pianist Earl Hines said,

… Now when I was playing classical music I wouldn’t dare get away from what I was reading. If you’ve noticed, all of the symphonic musicians, they have played some of those classical tunes for years but they wouldn’t vary from one note – and every time they play they have to have the music. So that’s why for some classical musicians, it’s very difficult for them to try to learn how to play jazz.[7]

Ok, so I said I took the class and loved it….I didn’t say I actually remembered anything from it. It is starting to come back to me a little about all that call and response stuff. I think I just had a HUGE insight into my husband’s piano playing. He loves to be all fancy and make his playing sound original and quirky. He LOVES jazz music! Now it makes sense!

Anyways, one of the key words I understand about Jazz music is “improvisation”. From my understanding (which ain’t sayin’ much, but nevermind that) this means that the musicians can actually make stuff up as they go along. I asked my darling husband Marc how a person can play with other musicians and do this and he said, and I quote, “Nobody really knows.” Well, that was helpful. He went on to say that when a group of people get together to play music they get the feel of each other and it’s like…magic!  It’s a sound from within that moves the soul and evolves as you play.

It’s safe to say that improvisation is a freedom in music that can only be experienced when you play. This would be a great lesson to teach kids. They are always trying to find ways to express themselves. They need to be taught about Jazz! If you are a parent out there, allowing your kids to play an instrument, getting them lessons, listening to them “practice”, you are doing a good thing! You are actually contributing to the history of American music!

{Sidenote: This is in no way an exhaustive understanding of Jazz. I have left out a lot of the rich identity of who was behind Jazz, the musicians that actually paved the way for the creation of it, and where it has come to now. Please, no tomato throwing when you are annoyed that I didn’t cover everything. Maybe everyone will be inspired to take a Jazz history class like I did.}

Here’s my ever-lacking summary of Jazz music. It started in the United States when classical met the AMAZING African-American tunes of the south. It evolved into Ragtime, Blues, Dixieland, Swing, Bebop, Cubop, Cool Jazz, Hard Bop, Modal Jazz, Free Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Jazz Funk, Smooth Jazz, Acid Jazz…and many many more!! Get the picture? Jazz is an amazing form of music that has shaped our culture incredibly! I hope I have sparked some interest in you to explore Jazz more. Now I leave you with a youtube video of a song by Billie Holiday. I had to do a report on her for my class. Have a Jazzy Day!

Billie Holiday’s “I’ll Be Seeing You”

The Master Musician

New to the whole School Band Experience?

I can sympathize with parents who feel frightened by the words, “I want to play an instrument…” I have a 9 year old who plays the trumpet and without his Daddy and Papa I would be up the creek without a paddle, which means my darling child would be screaming from the shore for his mama to come back! So, what is band anyway?

I love to check in with my good friend Wikipedia. “A school band is a group of student musicians who rehearse and perform instrumental music together. A concert band is usually under the direction of one or more conductors (band directors). A school band consists of wind instruments and percussion instruments, although upper level bands may also have string basses or bass guitar.” Well, that sounds pretty straight forward. I’m guessing an instrument would be very important for my child at this point.

{Kelly’s sidenote: In case y’all haven’t figured this out yet, I work for The Master Musician. I will be giving them a shout out here and again because they basically will have everything we are looking for when it comes to music….and if for some reason they don’t, I’m in cahoots with the owners and their cute repair tech Marc, so we will find a solution to any questions that come up.}

Ok, so back to instruments….there are a few things you will want to consider before your child picks an instrument to play:

1. Ask your Band Director- sometimes the bands limit how many of each instrument can be played. This makes sense since a band of trumpets and 1 flute would sound kinda loud!

2. Check the size- make sure little Jimmy can hold that gigantic Tuba! Head over to the Master Musician and let your child get the feel of a few instruments before he or she settles on one that they are unable to even carry out the door.

3. Sound- while your “sampling” some instruments, make sure you pick a sound that agrees with everyone in the family. If you are particularly against the sound of a schreeching cat as your child learns to play the violin, go with something less “schreechy”, for lack of a better word.

4. It costs what??- Cost is definitely a factor these days. The first thing you need to know is whether or not your school provides an instrument for your student. If they do, there is usually a fee you must pay for the year to use it. If you were left high and dry…uhhh, I mean they were out of “free” instruments, the next thing to think about is “To rent, or not to rent?” That is the question…

Rent- pay a deposit and a monthly fee and return the instrument whenever you are done with it. (The rental fee is based upon the value of the instrument. For example, a $300 instrument could only be about $25 per month, where a $1000 instrument could be $50 per month….just simplified examples, don’t quote me.)

Rent to own- same as rent, except that you keep the instrument forever and it is completely yours (preferably within 2 1/2 to 3 years, unless paid off sooner) once the purchase price is paid for.

Buy it NOW!- Purchase the instrument in full from The Master Musician and get 20% off automatically!

Yikes! So much information….I need a break. Check back soon where we can figure out what to do with our youngens and their shiny new instruments. =) FYI…for more info on buying or renting instruments check out! See ya soon!

The Master Musician