NAMM as Rebecca sees it.

20150122_102331Hey, have you guys met Rebecca and her awesome family? If you remember from last summer, Rebecca gave me my first flute lesson at The Master Musician. She is such an important part of the store. We wanted to feature her in this year’s blog post about NAMM. She attended with her husband, Rob and their teens James and Julie. Here’s Rebecca and her experience at NAMM.    ~Kelly

“Wow! What an experience! Attending for my second year, I knew what to expect and wasn’t as overwhelmed — in a good way! NAMM is truly a Disneyland for musicians. As a performer, teacher, and Master Musician rep, I had a variety of things to focus on. Julie & I enjoyed playing lots of bari and alto saxes, while Rob & James were experimenting with bass trombones and interesting brass inventions.


It’s a bugle — no, it’s a baritone without valves!


Cannonball Dark Lacquer Baritone Sax

James Kanstul Contrabass

Kanstul Contrabass Trombone






S.E. Shire Bass

S.E. Shire Bass











Aerodrums Visual

Aerodrums Visual












“Possibly the most fun new product we found was the Aerodrums. With three drummers in the house, this is an amazing invention! It consists of mallets, 2 small metal plates to put on your feet, a camera and some software — that’s it! It’s literally airdrumming, but actual sound comes through the headphones as a real drumset. Gotta love technology!

This is truly the tip of the iceberg at NAMM. Every night, starting on Wednesday, is great live music throughout the Hilton, Sheraton and the courtyard of the Anaheim Convention Center. Whether you prefer jazz, latin, heavy metal, classic rock or funk, you’ll find it somewhere! There are even drum, ukulele and pbone circles that you can participate in! And don’t even get me started on the people watching!

Fun at Hohner!

Just for fun!

I feel very blessed to have a musical family I could share this with. Thank you to The Master Musician for making this possible!”

— The Schumacher Family


Thank you!

THANK YOU for all the support you gave our business over the holidays! We feel very loved by the community. Our customers are the best! We are looking forward to a wonderful 2015! NAMM is coming up this month. That’s our Disneyland! =) We’ll post pics of all the neat exhibits and latest and greatest music gadgets!