What’s a Rental Night?

I’m baaack!! Yes, it’s been awhile, but we’ve been busy! This is the busiest time of year for The Master Musician. School is back in session and everybody needs instruments for their kids!

Recently, I was able to attend a Rental Night at a local school. What is that you ask? I’ll ‘splain…for some reason I just pictured Ricky Ricardo, but anyways…Band Directors invite music stores to come to their school to rent instruments to their students. This is great for parents because there really aren’t music stores on every corner. Sometimes you have to drive pretty far to find a wonderful, cute hometown music store like The Master Musician. So, we come to you!

Parents, be prepared before you go to a rental night. There are generally 2 kinds of rental nights: The first can be crazy busy with lots of people waiting in line, the second is where you have it all to yourself because very few parents show up. Either way, here are some tips:

1) There can be more than one music store at the rental night. Take time to talk to all of them so that you can make an informed decision with all the info. Then, go with the family owned, hometown one since you are supporting a small business! ūüėČ

2) Most of the time, your kiddos can try the instruments before they pick one. Let your children choose what they want to play. I know that for some of you parents, this is the craziest advice I could give you and I agree…however, you don’t want to force your children to play anything. They need to be excited! Have a talk BEFORE the rental night about various options and pass your wisdom on to them. But then allow your sweetie pies to pick their instrument.

3) Once you pick an instrument, mom or dad will need to fill out a rental contract. If you are like me, make sure Baby Boo is strapped in his stroller with a snack and all the rest of your little ones are tied to your ankles…you are going to need to focus.

4) Be advised that you will have to pay a security deposit and the 1st month’s rent immediately.¬† Thankfully, you will get the security deposit back if you return the instrument pretty much the way you got it. (Make sure and have the “don’t drop, sit on, put food in, or leave out for the younger kids to get” talk.)

5) You will also need to give a credit card number to keep on file at the store. This is an added security for The Master Musician because sometimes we have people that love their instrument so much that we don’t ever see it again. =)

6) The Master Musician also has the book that your band director has picked for the year for your child to use AND we carry Instrument Care Kits that come with everything each instrument needs for basic maintenance. For example, a trumpet kit comes with the following:

  • Valve Oil
  • Lacquer Polishing Cloth
  • Trumpet Snake
  • Mouthpiece Brush
  • Water Key Corks
  • Tuning slide Grease
  • Valve Brush
  • Use & Care Pamphlet

7) Every instrument that The Master Musician rents comes with the $5 maintenance plan. This allows you to bring the instrument back to us for minor repairs FREE of CHARGE!!…well, you are paying $5 a month, but that’s peanuts compared to¬†the cost of repair without the maintenance plan. Did I mention that our Repair Techs are great?!!

8) Don’t forget¬†to choose¬†between having your monthly payment amount automatically withdrawn, paying online, or to receive a “coupon book” to mail in with your payment.

9) After you have paid, your child can take the instrument, book, and care kit home and start practicing!!

A common comment that we hear is: “I can buy an instrument online for cheaper than this.” Let me ‘splain again. When you buy online, you do not know what you are getting. Most instruments will end up needing a lot of work in the near future because they are what we call “cheap”. We call them more than that, but let’s just keep this G-rated. As with anything, there are high quality instruments and cheap ones. At the Master Musician, we only rent out name brand,¬†high quality¬†instruments that have been prepared by our repair technicians. Why? Because we are the ones that have to fix them. Some instruments, which I will choose not to name, are terrible to repair because they are so cheap. They will end up costing you more money in the long run.

Remember the old saying “You get what you pay for”. Please consider this when buying or renting an instrument. We know how the mighty dollar works, but there are just some things that are worth the investment.

I hope I have covered all the bases for you to make Rental Night a breeze! There are 2 other options for renting instruments that I’ll just mention.

You can now RENT ONLINE! Go to www.mastermusician.net and click on the picture of the instruments on the left. If your school is not on the list, please call¬†us and we will add it. I am adding more and more schools everyday to include all of Riverside County! Let us know if you live further and we’ll add you too!

The other option is to come down to Murrieta and rent an instrument in our store. We would love to see you! Here’s the address:

39520 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd
Suite 223
Murrieta, CA

Email me pics of your kids playing in the band and we will add them to the website! master_musician@verizon.net

Have a great school year!!